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Scrying Stack Update (v1.0.1)

- Improved Performance. Read More…

Theme Price Reduction

Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday! All theme prices prior to RapidWeaver 7 have been reduced. Read More…

PayPal Fixed

There was a recent issue in which the transactions cannot be resolved through PayPal. The connection has been restored, and is now able to accept payments. Read More…

Offline Moving Process

tMM Tekh is undergoing a slight moving process, and will return after July 27. Read More…

Linchpin Theme Update (v1.2.2)

- Extra Content areas divided allowing more content freedom.
- ECs 1-4 are now located between the header and the main content, while ECs 5-8 remain between the main content and the footer.
Read More…

Just Purchased v7!


The recently acquired RapidWeaver 7 offers a few, neat features that are worth the purchase. Read More…

Bedrock Theme Update (v1.1.2)

- List of currently operating Joe Workman & Big White Duck Stacks affiliated with the Foundation framework published on theme's advertisement page. List will update & expand as time progresses.
- Option to neutralize spacial boundaries implemented.
- Intermediary reformatting on Joe Workman's Site Styles.
- Intermediary code cleanup.
Read More…
About Me
tMM Tekh is a sole proprietorship maintained & operated by William Davis. A capable designer/developer since 2013, William has always strived to unlock the full potential of RapidWeaver products. He currently resides in San Diego, California.

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